Printing Process

A wood framed screen, a paint stained squeegee and a piece of fabric is the start to making a CC designs bag. With the discovery of new techniques, one may find an inked stained piece of thread and an old heavy book. With every new idea or process adds inspiration to the studio.

Most of my designs are geometric and start on the computer, where the shapes are arranged together to come up with a new pattern. Once a design has been created, the pattern is printed to scale and traced on the screen. Blue drawing ink is hand painted on each shape, let dry and it’s ready for the next step. With a few passes of red filler ink the screen is almost there. With a strong powered sprayer, spray the screen to remove the blue drawing ink. Whether I do this step outside or in the bathtub I make a mess. Let dry and we are ready to start printing.

This next part is straight forward. Start with a piece of fabric, line up the screen to the fabric beneath, put a few dollops of printing ink on the top of the screen and squeegee. Let the print dry, set with dry heat and I am ready to make a bag.