About CC designs

The founding ideology of CC designs is that all things should be creative. I don’t think that a day goes by that we all think or do something that is creative, even if we are not aware of it. At CC designs I take that idea and produce small pieces of art that can be worn to show a woman’s creative and beautiful self.

There is always some new technique to try, to push the limit of what an everyday bag can be. I strive to try, fail and try again to come up with new ways that women can express themselves with what they wear.

Every paint smudge, stitch, rivet punch and hot press are done by me. I enjoy every step of the process in creating these beauties and want to ensure that each bag is made to the highest and most durable quality. There are times when life gets busy, there is an upcoming show or tight deadline. These times are when I call on the most amazing and loving woman I know, my mom. She has been sewing practically her whole life, from her clothes when she was young; to her children’s clothes, toys and Halloween costumes and now quilting for her favorite littles, her grandchildren.

CC designs is based out of a hip, artistic, outdoor loving town nestle between five different mountain ranges in Montana. With the breath-taking views, stunning scenery and long winters it is easy to be creative and produce lots of products.