My Story

As a young girl, blonde hair, pigged tails and always covered in paint, I was destined to do something creative with my life. My adolescent years were spent in every art class I could take, learning and pushing the boundaries of every assignment given. The last-minute decision to change my degree from sports medicine to Graphic Design changed my walk-in life. My professional career led me down many paths where I learned to illustrate, design magazine articles, launch marketing campaigns, code, troubleshoot software, deploy online programs and websites. All these skills have given me the knowledge and passion to be the owner and designer of CC designs. I get to do what I love, create.

Sewing, I did not find interesting until my late 20s, when I thought I could be a fashion designer. I made one skirt and one bag in a basement classroom surrounded by the most glorious amounts of textiles, needless to say the bags took, and clothes were out.

There were many bags that were made in trial and error through the next several years, as I was discovering who I was as a designer. When life took a corner and I landed in Montana is when I knew what I wanted to do. The creation of CC designs started in a small back bedroom of my apartment with a table covered in rubber geometric shapes and ink. One by one I hand stamped the shapes on duck cloth, creating my first pattern. I would like to say that the rest is history or that it has been an easy journey to get here. But as many know, the days are long, rejection WILL make you stronger and ramen is delicious.

My passion is to create beautiful bags that make a woman smile knowing that she has an accessory that is as unique as she is.

I love to create beautiful and unique bags for women and discovering new ways to create patterns and bags that are beautiful and functional. Oh and I still love to quilt and am known to make a quilt for friends and family from time to time.